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About Perennial Software

Perennial Software Pty Ltd is a consulting services and software provider to small and medium-sized distributors, retailers and manufacturers of durable products.

Our purpose is to help our clients improve their ability to service their customers by always having the right products in the right quantities in the right place at the right time.

What We Do

We provide software solutions that work for our clients, solutions that are founded upon Perennial ERP, a modern Windows-based enterprise software system that provides the accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and production management functionality required by SME's. Perennial ERP contains the tracking mechanisms our clients need to maintain complete awareness and control over the state of customer orders, purchase orders, production orders, stock availability, and the accounting of every transaction processed through the system.

Our Background of Success

Over the last two decades, Perennial ERP has been developed into a modern, robust and fully functional ERP application ideally suited to the needs of small to medium-sized manufacturers and distributors of durable products - companies that have outgrown their off-the-shelf accounting packages and are in need of a comprehensive ERP system that can be customized for their increasingly complex requirements.

The Evolution of Our Software to Meet the Expanding Needs of Our Clients

Some of Perennial's clients expressed a need for a manufacturing system that integrated with their sales, purchasing, inventory management and accounting systems. In addition, Microsoft Windows, with its graphical user interface (GUI), was beginning to become the operating system of choice for SME's.

So just after the turn of the century, a major project to develop a manufacturing module designed specifically for SME's and to re-develop the software for the Windows GUI environment was underway.

In addition, Perennial took this opportunity to review and improve the programs that perform the background processing, including taking advantage of many new programming techniques that became available with each new version of Progress OpenEdge, the software development platform used by Perennial to develop Perennial ERP.

Independent Surveys Validate Perennial ERP's Success

In late 2006, Perennial engaged The Quantum Organization to provide marketing and business development consulting. One of the tasks that Quantum carried out was to survey several of the key end-users using the new Windows version of Perennial ERP.

The most significant result of this survey was that all of the key end-users surveyed stated that if they had their time over again, they would still choose Perennial as their business systems software and services provider.

About John Nankervis - Founder of Perennial Software Pty Ltd

John Nankervis has gained extensive experience in selling, implementing and supporting ERP Software applications to SME's (small to medium-sized enterprises) throughout a 30 year career in the software industry.

John spent the first part of his career working with Chartered Accountancy firms, including Price Waterhouse and Pannell Kerr Forster. During this time, John qualified as a Chartered Accountant, a qualification he still holds today.

Since the early-1990's, John has been recommending, selling, implementing and supporting ERP Software solutions for a diverse range of SME's. Working with his clients, John has developed a strong understanding of Inventory and Supply Chain Management principles and techniques, and has implemented much of this functionality in the Perennial ERP suite of programs.

John has also undertaken Inventory and Supply Chain Management consulting assignments to help SME's better coordinate the fulfillment of customer orders with available stock and timely delivery from suppliers and from internal supply warehouses, whilst at the same time reducing inventory levels, and thus the amount of cash tied up in slow-moving and inactive stock.

To supplement his experience, John has successfully completed RMIT University's Master Of Business Administration Degree, and has completed four of the education courses in inventory and supply chain management that are run by the Australian Chapter of the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS).

You can find out more about John if you wish, by viewing his LinkedIn profile here View John Nankervis's profile on LinkedIn