Perennial Software - Data Analytics with Microsoft Power BI and Tableau Software

Data Analytics

Are you able to explore, analyse, and drill-down to the data locked away in your business databases?

Can you visually display your data with ease and share it with your fellow managers to discover what is driving your business success, or what is causing the lack of it?

Microsoft Power BI and Tableau Creator are the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics software application that Perennial Software has chosen to recommend to small medium-sized businesses that want to improve their decision-making.

Both software products are ideally suited for this purpose for SME's because:

  • They are intuitive to use and easy to learn.
  • They are relatively inexpensive for Business Intelligence applications. As of July 2021, the base version of Power BI is actually free, whilst the Pro version is only $19.99 USD per month, and the Premium version is only $20.00 USD per month. Tableau is more expensive at $70 USD per month, but still very good value.
  • Most importantly, they have both been designed as Self-Service BI Applications.

Self-Service means that the BI software can be used by the people that need to use it, the business managers doing the analysis and making the decisions.

In the past, one key problem with BI software was that it needed people with IT expertise not just to create the connections to the databases, but also to create the reports, the charts, and the graphs required, collectively referred to as "visuals", and distribute them to the business decision-makers.

The self-service designs of Power BI and Tableau allow business users to create their own visuals and distribute them to other managers in the business, once someone with IT expertise has created the connections to the data sources. The data source is usually a relational database, and the connections are best created by someone with a strong understanding of how the various tables in the database are related to each other. If this is not done correctly, performance will be very slow.

Perennial Software can help you:

  • Create the connections from Power BI or Tableau to your database
  • Train you how to create the visuals that will help you analyze your data to make more informed business decisions
  • Offer suggestions on what visuals are likely to be most useful for your business
  • Train you how to distribute the visuals to other managers