Perennial ERP for Business Managers

Perennial For Managers

Perennial ERP helps the Managers of small to medium-sized distributors, retailers and manufacturers of durable products plan and control their inventory, their supply chain, and their financials, as they grow into larger companies with more complex operating activities

Imagine Running Your Business With Software That Can Help You:-

  • Always have enough stock available to meet customer orders in full and on time, all the time
  • If your company is a manufacturer of durable goods, always have enough parts available to meet your production schedule on time
  • Calculate how much stock you should be carrying for each and every stock item, usually resulting in a substantial reduction in cash tied up in stock
  • Know exactly what products you need to have in stock and in what quantities up to 10 weeks in advance
  • Automatically generate purchase orders and, for manufacturers, production orders when stock is getting low
  • Cross reference sales orders taken for one-off products that you do not stock to purchase orders so that you can monitor exactly when the stock is due in and when it arrives from the supplier, and assign it straight to the customer's sales order for immediate despatch
  • Track overdue purchase orders by supplier and overdue production orders by work centre to make sure you get the right products in the right quantities available for delivery to the customer on time
  • Track production orders through each work centre in the factory so that you know exactly where it is at in the production process

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Download the Product Overview for Business Owners and Managers that is relevant to your type of business to find out how Perennial ERP can help you maximize customer service and company profits.

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Distributors and Retailers

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Manufacturers and Distributors

To find out more, with sample screen shots and reports, download Perennial ERP for Manufacturers and Distributors