Perennial ERP - Financials

Perennial Financials

Perennial ERP Financial Management provides Chief Accountants of small to medium-sized distributors, retailers and manufacturers with the integration with other system to capture all the accounting transactions of the company to control cash, debtors, creditors and stock, and to report on the financial performance and condition of the company in a wide range of reporting formats.

Perennial ERP helps the Chief Accountant of your business easily track and account for all the transactions generated by the business, control operating costs, and report on business performance.

How Perennial does that is fully explained in the "Perennial ERP Financials" product overview that you can download from the link at the right, but briefly, Perennial ERP makes use of a highly flexible General Ledger Report Writer that allows for reports to be designed specifically to suit the nature of the operating activities of the business.

Our Financial modules integrate with each of the other Perennial ERP modules to provide one fully integrated business system for the entire company, eliminating the possibility of errors caused by duplication of data entry, and saving time for more important tasks.

Perennial Financials includes the following applications to help you control your company's finances:-

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Book
  • Fixed Assets
  • General Ledger

Download Our Product Overview for the Chief Accountant of Your Business

To find out more, with sample screen shots and reports, download Perennial ERP Financials