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Perennial Inventory

Perennial ERP Inventory Management provides small to medium-sized distributors, retailers and manufacturers with the functionality you require to carry in stock only those products that are in demand from your customers, and in the quantities required to satisfy customer demand in full and on time, all the time.

Managing inventory is a balancing act between holding enough stock to satisfy customer demand and not having too much cash tied up in excessive and slow moving stock.

Perennial ERP helps Inventory Managers get the balance right by ensuring that the right products are available in the right quantities in the right place at the right time.

How Perennial ERP does that is fully explained in the "Perennial ERP for Inventory" product overview that you can download from the link at the right, but briefly, Perennial ERP provides the procedures that you need to maintain accurate stock balances and to automate stock replenishment. Stockouts and backorders for your most in-demand products can be a thing of the past if the Inventory Management procedures provided by Perennial ERP are utilised.

Real-time integration with Perennial Sales Order Management, Retail Point of Sale, Purchase Order Management and our Manufacturing modules (if you are a manufacturer) provides comprehensive management of your supply chain, all for the ultimate purpose of delivering to your customers the products they have ordered in full and on time, all the time (100% DIFOT).

Download Our Product Overview for the Inventory Manager of Your Business

To find out more, with sample screen shots and reports, download Perennial ERP for Inventory

Perennial Inventory Management includes the following features to help you manage your company's inventory:-

  • Multi-Warehouse Stock Control
  • Stock Transfers between Warehouses, including Stock in Transit
  • Demand Forecasting and Stock Reordering
  • Stock-Taking using Stocktake Scanners and without Warehouse Freeze
  • Stock Adjustments and Stock on Reserve
  • Product Groups up to 3 Levels - Parent Groups, Product Groups and Sub-Groups
  • Standard Product Pricing and Specific Sale Pricing
  • Last, Average, Quoted and Overseas Costs, with Standard Cost updated from Manufacturing
  • Product Kits
  • Serial Number Tracking