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Perennial Sales

The Perennial ERP Sales Order Management and Retail Point-of-Sale applications meet arguably the single most pressing need of small to medium-sized distributors, retailers and manufacturers - to manage demand so that customer sales orders are satisfied in full and on time, all the time.

Perennial ERP helps Sales Managers deliver the company's most sought-after products to its customers in full and on time, all the time

How Perennial does that is fully explained in the "Perennial ERP for Sales" product overview that you can download from the link at the right, but briefly, Perennial ERP treats the highest level of Customer Service as the Priority Number One, and demand from customers can be tracked from an enquiry to a formal quotation to an order to eventual delivery - in full and on-time.

Our Sales Order Management module includes Retail Point-of-Sale functionality for retailers, and for B2B distributors that provide an "over the counter" service for their customers.

Real-time integration with Perennial ERP Inventory Management, Purchase Order Management, Manufacturing, Accounts Receivable, Cash Book and General Ledger applications provides a comprehensive supply chain management and accounting system, all for the purpose of attaining customer service levels that strive for delivering to customers the products they want, in full and on time, all the time (100% DIFOT).

Download Our Product Overview for the Sales Manager of Your Business

To find out more, with sample screen shots and reports, download Perennial ERP for Sales

Perennial Sales Order Management includes the following features to help you manage sales and customer service in your business:-

  • Sales Quotations
  • Sales Order Processing, Despatch and Invoicing
  • Retail Point-of-Sale
  • Customer-Specific Pricing and Volume Discounts
  • Sales Analysis