Perennial Software - Inventory Managment Consulting Services

Same Day Delivery

Many companies hold too much of the wrong stock, and too little of the right stock. The end result is that customer orders are not getting delivered in full and on time, because there is a mismatch between what customers demand and what the company has in stock.

Research by Aberdeen shows that only 20% of companies, the Best-in-Class companies, satisfy customer orders in full and on time more than 95% of the time.

Can your company perform like one of Aberdeen's Best-in-Class companies?

Perennial Software's Inventory Management Consulting Services help you balance your portfolio of products, to ensure that you will always have the right products in the right quantities in the right place at the right time to satisfy the demand for your products from your customers.

So how exactly does this service work?

So long as your existing software application can export the data we need, we use that data with the software functionality in Perennial ERP to provide you with what you need to provide the highest possible service levels for your customers - 100% DIFOT.

The Results of Our Service?

  • You will know what products you should hold in stock, what stock balance triggers a reorder for more stock, either from an external supplier or from your manufacturing division, how much to reorder, and how long it will take to arrive.

  • You will get simulations of how your delivery performance would have been in the past had your software operated from the stock reordering data that we have calculated, and how much stock you will have to carry to meet the higher customer service levels that you want.

  • And finally, if your software has the ability to import data, you will be able to import the stock reordering data that we have computed into your Inventory Database, and run the Stock Reorder Recommendations Report that we design for your directly off your existing system.

Our most recent assignment was with a company that was using MYOB EXO, where we exported the data we required out for use by our programs in our database, and then imported revised data back into MYOB EXO for use by an enhanced Stock Reorder Recommendations Report.