Business Intelligence for ERP Systems

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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI

Welcome to Perennial Software, where we create dashboards and reports in Microsoft Power BI that measure actual performance against targets set for Key Performance Indicators that are relevant to a business.

We provide these Business Intelligence services in two ways - Perennial BI for ERP Systems and Perennial BI Report Development.

  • Perennial BI for ERP Systems is a set of around 70 pre-built dashboards and reports for ERP Systems used by product distribution companies. These dashboards and reports have been created for 4 Business Functions - Sales and Customers, Purchases and Suppliers, Products and Stock, and Financials - and summarized for the Chief Executive and Senior Managers in a Company KPI Scorecard.

    The KPI Scorecard for the company is a series of Power BI dashboards that summarize business performance across each Operating Division (or Branch, or Strategic Business Unit) against the KPI's that have been identified as the most critical for the business.

    From each dashboard, Chief Executives and Senior Managers can drill down into each of the 4 Business Functions to gain insights into particular aspects of business performance.

    A sample Company KPI Scorecard is shown below. It shows in a Gauge Visual the Score for the entire company as 7.8 out of 10, and it is shown in Yellow as it falls just short of the Target of 8.5.

    Scores that exceed this target are shown in Green, and those that fall below 7.0 are shown in Red. Yellow is the colour for the mid-range scores of 7.0 to 8.5. These targets can be changed to suit the targets required by the business.

    Scores are also shown in Gauges for each Business Function, and then below them in Bar Charts for each Division of the Company, below which are links to the report pages that display the KPI Scorecards for each Business Function.

    Perennial BI KPI Scorecard
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  • Perennial BI Report Development is a Power BI development service that we can provide for virtually any type of business requiring a visualized management reporting system, where we build the reporting system from the ground up. This service is for specific BI projects which have requirements that are different to what Perennial BI already satisfies.

    As an example, we have been working on a suite of Power BI Dashboards and Reports for a company that supplies automatic milk steaming machines to cafes and restaurants, including large fast food outlets.

    The machine is an Internet of Things device, and it sends data to the Amazon cloud where charts of jug size counts and milk type counts and volumes are produced and can be displayed over the Internet.

    But these charts have been developed outside of Power BI and thus are limited in their display, drill-down and drill-through capabilities. In addition, they can be viewed for data related to only one machine at a time.

    The requirement is to display the data using better visualizations, and for multiple customers and machines across different geographic regions using maps. We have been working with the Amazon developer to receive the data in JSON format, from which we can develop the dashboards and reports that are required, using Power BI Desktop.